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Distribution of powerEXT for node.js is under reconstruction and is therefore not available

the latest versions of powerEXT Core and powerEXT for node.js.

powerEXT for node.js – beta in the IBM i version includes both powerEXT for node.js and powerEXT Core that is discontinued as an independent project.


Installation of powerEXT Core:


** the installation should be run under an **

** user profile with *ALLOBJ authority **


  1. Download the savf to your PC
  2. FTP it to a savf on your iSeries
  3. Restore the library PEXTCD2 from it
  4. Run CALL PEXTCD2/PXCRTCD2 – converts all source files to your CCSID and recompiles all programs to current IBM i OS version.
  5. include PEXTCD2 in your library list


Installation of powerEXT Core Test Environment:


powerEXT Core comes with a little environment for test. The Installation will create an Apache Server named pextWebCD2 listening on port 8080 and it will create a CGI program library named PEXTCD2LIB that also includes misc. examples.

When running the installation program the web-server is started automatically If port 8080 is free, if not, the port in “listen” in the file httpd.conf has to be changed using EDTF STMF(‘/pextwebCD2/conf/httpd.conf’)

The web then has to be restarted with STRTCPSVR SERVER(*HTTP) HTTPSVR(PEXTWEBCD2) You can verify that the test environment is installed by entering the the following URL: using your servers IP address instead of this should result in a powerEXT verification page.

The Test Environment is installed by calling the program CALL PEXTCD2/PXWEBCD2 that starts an Apache server (pextWebCD2) on port 8080

Demo-CGI program:

Demo-node.js programs may be run at…..js



Installation of powerEXT for node.js:


The base environment is installed by calling the program CALL PEXTCD2/PXRSTNOD

Installs all node .js and documentation files in /powerEXT/node/base/

Requires node version 6.xxxx installed on the machine but may run on node version 4.xxxx (not testet)

Start the node server by calling CALL PEXTCD2/ZNODES (Runs under sub-system QHTTPSVR and listen on port 8081)

   QP0ZSPWT USERA BCI 0,0 PGM-node      SELW

The server is endning by ending the POWEREXT *IMMED, sometimes the QP0ZSPWT dosn’t end if so use ENDJOBABN to end it.

Demoprograms: welcome.js, zdemo01.js, zdemo02.js, zdemo03.js, zdemo04.js, zdemo06.js





Title Categories Create Date Download
powerEXT Core – Version 6.01 for V6R1M0+ – mar 2018
1 files    987 downloads
2018-03-13 Download


Change log


Version 6.01

– csvEncString(char) set string encapsulation char. Defaults to ” but can be any special char or none (”)
– minor change in csvToXML() to support csv strings without encapsulation


powerEXT for node.js BETA

– Contains powerEXT for node.js beta and powerEXT Core Version 6.00 – where support for IBM i OS V5R4M0/V6R1M0 is discontinued.

– new subprocedures added to powerEXT Core for faster YAJL JSON support without using the CGIDEV2 EBCDIC output buffer are included:

responseWriteHead(ccsid:mimeheader);  // cssid is the output buffer CSSID, mime-header must be in EBCDIC

responseWrite(text);                  // text must be in EBCDIC, use responseWriteBin for adding DBCS data

responseWriteBin(ccsid:addr:size);    // written data is automatically converted to the buffer CCSID 




Version 5.04

– TS_***** teraspace storage allocation subprocedures renamed to PX_*****
– Minor error in the YAJL /copybook corrected
– New program XML/JSON examples in the demo library based on QIWS/QCUSTCDT demo table.


Version 5.**

– Open Source YAJL (Yet Another JSON Library) C service program (ported by Scott Klement to IBM I) is now a part of the download. Adds 5x performance to the original RPGLE based JSON subprocedures.
– Support for OS V5R2M0 and V5R3M0 ended.